Journey Christian Church - Mission History

A Journey speaks of movement, a quest, a pilgrimage, and life.


All of life is a journey that is filled with ups, downs, obstacles and triumphs.


We feel that each of those steps along the way is best interpreted through the filter of a loving creative God who sent His Son and gave His Word so that we would know how to deal with the bumps in the road.


This journey was never intended for us to travel alone – it’s all about relationships (as opposed to organized religion) and spiritual growth happens as our lives come together.


Journey is a place where you can feel safe to discover what God desires for you on the journey of life– a real place for real people!


We want it to be an encouraging place where people are accepted in an atmosphere of love and grace, where people share their hearts and resources and support each other through the ups, downs, obstacles, joys, triumphs, pleasures, and sometimes, pain of life.


We want to be an exciting place where people can invite their friends even those who’ve never been to church before!


Above all we hope you can grow here at your own pace and discover the boundless grace of God and His offer of a great life now and forever.


Journey is an independent, non-denominational Christian Church.


The people here come from a variety of backgrounds but we have found harmony in Christ. Whether you are just starting your journey or are coming back, we hope you will find others like you with an open heart and a warm welcome. Come join us.


Wherever you are on your journey of faith, we exist to help you…


Surrender through Worship,

Connect through fellowship,

Grow through discipleship,

Serve, through ministry, and Reach out to your world for Jesus Christ.


•It’s NOT about me


•It’s about reaching out, touching lives, and growing together to become more like Jesus.